Jack Rabbit Gin and Barrel Reserve now in stores in California, Wyoming, Utah, Oregon, and Idaho

Beehive Distilling is pleased to announce its expansion into five states, increasing the reach and availability of their delicious product. The popular Utah-based, small-batch craft distillery offers the first gin to be legally made in Utah in more than 140 years. The original product, Jack Rabbit Gin, is a crisp, botanical-infused gin well suited for classic and modern cocktails, while the Barrel Reserve gin is aged in hand-charred French oak barrels, developing a beautiful color and unique flavor.

The two spirits’ popularity has  surged in just a few short years, with demand increasing beyond Utah’s store shelves and cocktail bars. In 2014, Beehive began shipping to California and Wyoming, and more recently added Oregon and Idaho to their roster of craft-gin enthusiasts. In addition, through K & L Wine Merchants, residents of Colorado, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Wisconsin can now order Jack Rabbit online at

“We’re thrilled to be sharing this growth with new out-of-state customers who are as excited as we are with the craft distilling movement,” says Beehive co-founder Chris Barlow. “And a lot of people are asking about further expansion in the near future, but the plan is to just do a great job supporting the states where we’re currently represented. It’s really important for us to keep our local customers happy—they’ve been so supportive! We’re also focusing on expanding our product line, so stay tuned for more news on that front,” he adds.
The distillery’s two current products, Jack Rabbit Gin and Barrel Reserve Gin, are both distilled with a blend of seven botanicals that captures the taste of Utah’s deserts and mountains in every sip. Each bottle is infused with juniper berries, lemon peel, sage leaves, coriander, orris root, grains of paradise, and rose petals. Jack Rabbit Gin is then proofed with filtered water from the Wasatch Mountains before bottling. The Barrel Reserve variety of gin spends months resting in hand-charred French oak. During the barreling period, Barrel Reserve gains undertones of vanilla and honey, a rich amber hue, and a spicy complexity that’s reminiscent of the finest whiskeys.

Both gins have gained a large following among local specialty cocktail devotees as well as those who prefer savoring them neat.

Beehive Distilling was launched in 2013 by Matt Aller, Chris Barlow and Erik Ostling— three Salt Lakers with shared passions for design, photography and spirits. For more information and a list of restaurants and bars serving Beehive spirits, visit